Doggie Digestion

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Did you know that you can tell a lot about what is going on with your dog’s digestion by their stool? It may be obvious that they are experiencing digestive upset if they have an issue with diarrhea, but other observations may be helpful. The article below talks about some things to watch for. Often, when dogs are not digesting their food optimally, their stool will be much larger. Dog owners who supplement their dogs with enzymes often report a significant difference in the dog’s stool, indicating an improved utilization of the food. Changing to a higher-quality food with less fillers will also give your dog more readily available nutrients!

P.S. The same applies for cats!


Poultry Enzymes

Poultry Enzymes

Great article on the use of enzymes in poultry feed!  It explains how “Better feed efficiency also means fewer environmental concerns from chicken litter“.

USDA Study- Enzyme Alternative to Antibiotics


USDA researchers are conducting studies on the use of the enzyme lysozyme in piglets as an alternative to antibiotics. This is an exciting new prospect for animals and for the reduction of antibiotic use in animal production.

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